Imagine our modern-day lives if we didn’t have hot water in our homes. Luckily, most of us will never experience this in our lifetime. We simply take for granted a nice hot shower or a relaxing bath to ease into after a long day. There comes a time however, when many homeowners will eventually run the tap to find that there is no hot water. This can be particularly frustrating during peak times in your household. Let’s face it, a cold shower is not fun at the best of times. Many homeowners are not experts in the field of hot water systems either. Because there is a slight element of risk when dealing with these systems, it is considered wiser just to call in a professional to get it fixed quickly.

Terms such as - water heater element testing, adjusting the thermostat, water heater flushing and anode rods may seem like another language to the average person. At My Melbourne Plumber, we speak this language every day!

Hot Water Systems Melbourne

If you find that your household suddenly gets hit with lack of hot water, don’t panic! If the power is still running, then the issue could be more localized. Typically, we find that the average water heater is to blame in these situations. The team at My Melbourne Plumber have seen more than our fair share of hot water issues in our time. In fact, hot water systems are our speciality! Our team can handle all hot water related repairs. Whether it’s gas heated or electric heated doesn’t matter to us. My Melbourne Plumber will ensure we get your hot water switched on again!

Our team are also skilled with new hot water units that require installation and we will perform a thorough check to ensure everything is safe and running efficiently while potentially saving you money on your next bill. Our friendly team can also check to ensure that your hot water heater is at the correct temperature, pressure and to identify any leaks that may need to be repaired.

Call us today for the best plumbing service in Melbourne, all at the best price! Remember, if water runs through it…we will do it!


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