Is Your Water Usage Costing You Money?

Is Your Water Usage Costing You Money?

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When it comes to running a home of any shape or size, everybody wants to save money where they can. It’s not until people face the responsibility of home ownership that they realize that smart decisions need to be made with money if everything is going to tick over nicely from month to month. Budgeting for visible expenses is much easier as numbers in front of us don’t lie. Put bluntly, what we see with numbers is what we get! But what about the things that we take for granted in our homes? Are there any invisible expenses or things we just don’t even consider that we could potentially save money on. Since the topic here is clearly plumbing, let’s look at water usage in our homes and investigate how we can make some drastic changes to our current practices so that we can aim to save on our water bills.

First of all, water is a precious commodity throughout the world. We all need it to survive. At the time of writing this blog, water consumed worldwide for 2017 is sitting at over 4.8 billion litres used (and its only June.) Agriculture worldwide alone accounts for 70% of all water consumption. Industry use sits at 20% and domestic use is at 10%. By end of this year, domestic water usage will be sitting at approximately 960 million litres used. While this clearly outlines the need for water in our daily lives, one is forced to consider whether any of this usage could be minimized from a domestically standpoint. About 95% of water that enters our homes goes down the drain and that running the tap while brushing your teeth can waste up to 15 litres of water. A tap that drips twice per minute can waste upwards of 261 litres of water per year. A tap dripping regularly about once every two seconds will use a staggering 3940 litres per year! Older toilets can use up to 11 litres per flush while newer more economical toilets use about 3.7 litres per flush.

While these statistics are disturbing to say the least, imagine the savings on your next water bill if you were to stamp out water wastage at its core. We haven’t even gone through the entire home in our examples used. Dripping taps, brushing your teeth and toilet usage makes up a small portion of every going on in your home from a water usage perspective daily. So, here are 7 ways to save water in your home.

  1. Make your showers shorter – A simple quick shower once a day will help you to save water over the long run. Some people also scrub themselves without the water running and then use it to rinse at the end.
  2. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth & washing your hands – This is one area where water is wasted. No one really needs to have a tap running while they are brushing their teeth. Use it at the end to rinse only. The same goes with hands – soap and scrub first. Use water to rinse at the end of the process.
  3. Fix your leaks – Get a good plumber around to your home to get your leaks fixed. It may also be beneficial to have a plumber inspect your home for any unseen leaks.
  4. Install a rain barrel – If you’re a plant aficionado, rain harvesting is a good way to water your plants without turning on your hose or sprinkler.
  5. Avoid half-loads in your dish washer or washing machine – Sticking to this type of rule in your household will prevent multiple full wash cycles on half-loads.
  6. Hand-washing a lot of dishes – Not only will you save on water here, but using electricity to run an appliance is virtually cut out here.
  7. Use a car wash – Carwash businesses have devices that control the flow of water and they often recycle their water which is a better for everyone. This can be more beneficial than using your own running hose for long periods.

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